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Drawing from a lengthy history of providing a unique, complex, and comprehensive strategic solutions, we leverage our local, international, and global expertise align with state-of-the-art technology and top-tier solutions in across Geospatial, Utility, Geomatics, Geospatial Data Acquisition and Processing, Manage Services, and Service Center domains to deliver added value.

Powered by geospatial solutions, datasets, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML). data centric approach and making sense of geodata will enable us to transform our clients’ visions into tangible reality. Our goal is to empower them with the ability to make informed decisions and embrace transformative change, offering unique solutions built on the latest and freshest technologies, tailored for their specific needs. This, in turn, will position them to become the industry leaders, helping them to re-invent themselves, emerge stronger, and stand out in their respective fields.


Collaborating with top-tier solution and software providers worldwide equips us with the capability to access a wide range of offerings in GIS, data acquisition, dashboard applications, Imagery analysis, data management, spatial and non-spatial data analysis and dissemination, surveying, mapping, automation, business intelligence, single point access, and addressing all mission-critical requirements.

In the swiftly changing landscape of this industry, aligning with and remaining up to date with cutting-edge technology is imperative to guarantee the efficacy of our solutions and services.


We possess a comprehensive range of sensors, including airborne, mobile, and terrestrial sensors sourced from the world’s leading technology and solution providers. These sensors encompass the entire surveying, mapping, and GIS life cycle, spanning from data acquisition at the upstream stage to downstream stages, encompassing processing and the eventual delivery of final products.

This extensive capability enables us to provide geospatial data acquisition, processing solutions and services. We ensure that the datasets that we deliver are not only tailored to our clients’ specific needs but also creates an environment that empowers them to effectively interpret and derive insights from geospatial data, allowing them to “make sense of geodata.”


By forming strategic alliances with industry-leading solutions and software providers on a global scale, we gain the capability to access a comprehensive array of solutions and services tailored to utility industries, encompassing electricity, telecommunications, water, and gas.

This empowers our client to significantly improve their network planning, assets creation, assets managements and their service reliability, especially with the dynamic changes when it comes to the utility industry.


Our diverse portfolio covers a wide spectrum of managed services, including those in the geospatial, utility, geomatics, geospatial data acquisition and processing, and ICT domain. We also provide support and maintenance services to complete our comprehensive offering.

Since our inception, we have successfully delivered geospatial datasets spanning thousands of square kilometers and implemented numerous projects in the domain of geospatial, utility, geomatics geospatial data acquisition.

Moreover, we have installed hundreds of workstations, high-end notebooks, petabytes of storage, networking infrastructure, and provided support and maintenance services. All of these elements collectively contribute to our comprehensive ICT solutions


Partnering and collaborating with the world’s leading geomatic solution providers globally empowers us to access and harness cutting-edge digital solutions and services for tasks such as airborne data acquisition, terrestrial data acquisition, downstream processing, analysis, measurements, visualization, and interactions with the physical world.

Consequently, this aids in facilitating data-driven transformations across the entire surveying and mapping life cycle, including GPS/GNSS, terrestrial scanning, airborne data acquisition, mobile scanning, downstream data processing, monitoring, reference stations, underground detections, and total stations.


Our offerings are built upon certifications granted by our solutions partner, Hexagon Geosystems (Leica Geosystems). These certifications specifically authorize us to deliver maintenance and support services related to Leica Total Stations, Airborne Data Acquisition Sensors, Mobile Laser System Sensors, and also hand-held sensors.

In line with our commitment to long-term customer satisfaction, we operate a dedicated service center and calibration laboratory. This facility empowers us to provide comprehensive after-sales services, particularly in the field of Geomatics, which includes Total Stations (TS), Airborne Sensors, UAV systems, Terrestrial Sensors, and GPS/GNSS.

This underscores our commitment to ensuring that the systems we sell and deliver strictly adhere to international standards and are effectively supported and maintained

Since our inception over two (2) decades ago, our primary focus has been to assist our clients in shaping, reinventing, and emerging as leaders in their respective fields. With our extensive experience in niche industries such as geospatial, utility, geomatics, geospatial data acquisition and processing, managed services, consultation, systems development, and integration, our dedicated team adds value on top of the hardware, software, and solutions provided by our partners and technology providers. We take pride in our ability to create innovative solutions that enhance our clients’ businesses and operations.

What sets us apart is our proven track record of successfully implementing highly complex projects. Our knowledge management process systematically accumulates this wealth of experience, serving as a strong reference base for both our personnel and clientele. With each successful endeavours, our foundation for continued growth becomes even more robust.

With over two (2) decades of experience, we are steadfast in our commitment to excel in our field and offer end-to-end solutions in Geospatial, Utility, Geomatics, Geospatial Data Acquisition and Processing, Managed Services, and Service Center operations.

We firmly believe in giving our utmost effort in every project, always prioritizing our customers’ needs. Our aim is to create a positive impact for our clients and their stakeholders, ultimately helping them become leaders in their respective industries – because we understand that our own success is inseparable from theirs.