Delivered thousands of kilometer square of geospatial datasets, implementing hundreds of geospatial, utility, geomatics, geospatial data acquisition, installed hundreds or workstations, high-end notebook, petabytes of storages, networking, support and maintenance and others related to mainstream ICT and solutions as a whole since our inception.

Manage services are the important component for us as part of our solutions, and offerings from geospatial, utility, geomatics, geospatial data acquisition and processing, manage services and service center will require us to supplement our solution with ICT technology providers in order to provide end-to-end solution and services to our clients.  

With our ICT technological alliances, we are capable of providing a complete mainstream ICT solution, in both hardware and software to our customers. It has enabled us to fill up the gap that we had experienced in the past. File servers, workstations, high-end notebook, storage, networking, virtualization, redundancy, failing over, database engines are part of our solutions and offerings. 

Support and maintenance are always one of the “key components” in our solutions and offerings. Support and maintenance are the foundation and platform in our managed services for stability, sustainability, and repeatability not only for our business operations but also to ensure that we can provide after sales support and maintenance to ensure that the systems and solutions as a whole are in good working condition.