We Provide
Geospatial Information,
Business Process and
IT Infrastructure


Consisting of creative and innovative team, enabled by among the best geospatial and geomatics technology in the world that enable us to create, and tailor made our offering with the full spectrum of geospatial solutions and expertise for every business unique requirement with comprehensive solutions that makes us the leading geospatial solutions company in Malaysia.

Antaragrafik Systems Sdn Bhd (199501038929 (368131-M)) is established in 1995, is a wholly owned Bumiputera company registered with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF).


We deliver successful projects and expand upon our solid track records. We are flattered by the testimonials of our satisfied customers. Rest assured we will continue to evolve and to further improve ourselves in our continuous endeavor to provide the best solutions, services and deliverables on timely manner.