Successful acquired, delivered, and processed for more than 500 thousand of kilometer square for various government, private and international namely, JUPEM, JPS, MacGDI, Local ICT partner, Licensed Land Surveyors and Chinese Construction Firm through our Philippines Partner.

We are trained and experienced in every single step of the entire life cycle of from data acquisition to end-to-end processing of acquired airborne and terrestrial geospatial datasets.

From data acquisition, GCP establishment, calibration, hydrologic flattening, and products generations are our key know-how when it comes to Geospatial Data Acquisition and Processing.

We offer full-fledged LiDAR, Obliques and Nadir Aerial Photographs datasets processing solutions and service providers, ranging from raw data until to the final generation of your required products.

More than two (2) decades in geospatial industry, fully utilizing the Geospatial and Geomatics knowledges that we accumulate for more than two decades with our technology solution providers to help our clients to become the best in their respective industries, to re-invent, re-emerge, and become stronger.

Data Processing Solutions and Services namely.

Raw Data Processing

GNS/IMU, LiDAR points (Laser), calibration and Imagery raw datasets processing.

Post Data Processing

Imageries Data Processing, LiDAR point cloud manipulations namely classifications and editing and final LiDAR and imagery accuracy assessment.

Products Generation

Manual, semi-automatic (SFE) and automatic (AFE) for the generation of topographic features of vector line maps that involves manual feature extraction, semi-automatic feature extraction, automatic feature extraction (AFE) by adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), generation of contour lines, 3D datasets, slope polygons, aspect polygons, visibility analysis, visualization, shaded relief, viewshed analysis, hydro flattening, river basin polygons, flood modelling predictions, cross and longitudinal sections.