Providing advanced and with the latest Airborne Data Acquisition for LiDAR, NIR, Nadir, Multi-View Oblique (MV) and Rectify Orthophotographs and coupled with geospatial solutions through Geographical Information System (GIS) using the top leaders in the industry.

Successful acquired and delivered more than 500 thousand of kilometer square for various government, private and international namely, JUPEM, JPS, MacGDI, Local ICT partner, Licensed Land Surveyors and Chinese Construction Firm through our Philippines Partner.

Addressing solutions for topographic mapping, for urban and rural, environmental, flood mitigation, flood management, 3D city Modelling, Smart City, transportations, network mapping for high, medium, and low voltage.

Trained and experienced personnel in every step of the processes, from the establishment of GCP, calibration, airborne data acquisition, processing, accuracy assessment, hydrology flattening and features extraction for the generation of topographic vector line maps to help our clients become the best in their respective industries, to re-invent, re-emerge, and become stronger.


With Hybrid airborne sensors and complete processing workflows provide our offering with a complete solution, fast and efficient in digitalization of mapping processes. With the latest and freshest technology and timely delivery when it comes to 3D geospatial datasets that enables our clients to have LiDAR, Nadir, and Obliques imageries to start their feasibility analysis, for high performance map makings for urban and rural mapping, planning, designing, building, flood mitigation and many others. Decision making processes based on geodata centric and analysis that enable our clients to become better in their respective industry.


With hybrid airborne sensors and complete processing workflows provide our offering with a complete solution, fast and efficient in digitalization of cities. The sensor solution for highly productive solution for acquiring 3D datasets and analysis that creates high resolution, density of point clouds and with oblique imageries enable our clients to visualize and analyze the earth surfaces in 3D perspective for them to come up with better geo-analysis in 3D environment for the creation of 3D digital twins and cities. Datasets acquired, created, processed generated are fast, efficient, and applicable to be used for analysis studies namely, telecommunication, line of sight, city planning, autonomous vehicles, and many others.


Through our years of experiences and with the expertise that we had accumulated enable us to provide our clients with datasets that are not only fit for their purposes but also to explore beyond geodata sets creation but also with “makings sense geodata”. Through semi-automated and automated processing for features extraction by introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have enabled us to do fast delivery. Geo-analysis namely, feasibility, planning, water catchment, river basin, flood prediction, flood modelling, hazard maps, land-use maps, forest classification, zoning, terracing, three counting, near-infrared analysis, off-river storages, slope, aspect, viewshed, earth volume calculation, asset managements, 3D visualization, telecommunication planning, BIM, geomorphological, landslide detections, network routing, autonomous vehicles, and many others.

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