Syabas Water Facilities Management System (WFMS)

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Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) challenged to Antaragrafik to develop a strong Mapping/Facilities Management GIS solution (AM/FM GIS) to manage the company’s existing water-network facilities through COTS GTech solutions. An Open Data platform (not depending on any proprietary software) approach has been adopted to ensure the easy integration and enterprise deployment can be achieved in years to come. To ensure ROI of the intended system is fully appreciated, a comprehensive study was carried out in advance. As a result, a sound Water Data Model is designed. It has provision for future integration with functional requirements, such as Syabas’s Billing, CIS, Hydraulic Model, Scada/ Telemetry, Operations and Maintenance, Planning and Technical Development, NRW Management and Zoning and others.