JUPEM Digital Aerial Mapping Systems

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Digital Aerial Mapping Systems (DAMS), is an End-To-End digital photogrammetric System from Mission Planning, Data Acquisition, Photogrammetric Project Management, Data Processing, Data Collection, Orthophoto Production and Data Distribution. Due to the increasing demands for digital map products as well as streamlining its activities, improving and expanding JUPEM’s airborne mapping data acquisition capability together with the full usage of existing systems and platforms which are focussed on providing complete mapping capabilities ranging from various data acquisition techniques and approaches. The main objective is to have a fully digital sensor which will provide JUPEM with a system that will have digital aerial photos instead of film based aerial photos. This is one of the major steps in ensuring that the back end systems are also upgraded in line with the rest of the applications in the process of improving and enhancing the operation of the data acquisition. There are three main components in the “Digital Aerial Mapping Systems”.

  • Airborne Subsystem Office
  • Processing Subsystem
  • Image Management Subsystem